Guests with Disabilities

All of the venues used for commencement have accessible entrances and elevators. The Mizzou Accessibility Map shows the accessible entrances in every building on campus. The most convenient accessible entrance for each venue is:

  • Jesse Auditorium: The south door on the basement level
  • Hearnes Center: The east entrance
  • Mizzou Arena: The north entrance at the Champions Drive pullout

For guests requesting sign language interpreters or captioning please contact the specific school or college commencement liaisons.

Assistive listening devices are installed at Jesse Hall and the Hearnes Center and Mizzou Arena. For more information, contact:

Jesse Hall

Robert Wells


Hearnes Center/Mizzou Arena *


* NOTE: Guests needing a wheelchair escort or more information on accessible services should ask an usher at any entrance for assistance.

The Mizzou Accessibility Map shows accessible entrances in every building on campus, as well as locations of elevators, ramps, and barrier-free sidewalks. For additional information see below.

Accessible seating is available for guests who have difficulty with mobility, sight or hearing. All of these seats are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more details about the locations of accessible seating, please ask an usher at any entrance for assistance.

Accessible restrooms are located at:

  • Jesse Hall: Basement, First and Second floor
  • Mizzou Arena: All restrooms are accessible
  • Hearnes Center: All restrooms are accessible

There is accessible parking available across MU’s campus. There are a number of these spaces outside of the Hearnes Center, Mizzou Arena and in the Turner Avenue parking garage (across the street from Jesse Hall).

For more information, consult the MU Campus Parking Map.

What about renting a wheelchair for someone in my family?

There are several companies in the local area that rent wheelchairs.

Numotion, local number is 443-2212


DW Auto



Kilgore’s Pharmacy

North Columbia
700 North Providence


South Columbia

1608 Chapel Hill Road



D&H Drugstore