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Welcome and congratulations, #MizzouMade Graduates! We hope these items will help you join in on Mizzou’s Virtual Celebration.

Just use right-click (PC) or control-click (Mac) to select any item to download. We’ve created a content guide with ways you can use these fun pieces.

Here are the first two images you can download:
The official mark of the Mizzou Made virtual celebration . A printable hand drawn image on a white background with the words words "Mizzou" in gold and the word "Made" in black below it. There is a black graduation cap on top of the "O" with confetti coming out of it.Bold type "MIZZOU MADE" with the Mizzou in gold and the Made in black. A graduation cap is on the 'o' of "Mizzou" with confetti coming out. At the bottom are the words "Class of 2020 Virtual Celebration."

If you aren’t interested in adding graphics to photos, feel free to use the Ready-to-Post content on this page or from the Ready-to-Post and Print page.

Be sure to check out the special GIF stickers made just for you. Search “MizzouMade” in Instagram Stories, Snap Stories, TikTok or anywhere you can use Giphy images.

Here are some of the ways you can use the items you’ll find on this page:

These images are custom-made for the Class of 2020 and ready to post on your favorite social media platform using the hashtag #MizzouMade.

Themed Stickers
Add these items on top of images for some extra Mizzou Made celebration.

  • Regalia Stickers
    These school and college-specific regalia make it easy to personalize your posts and photos to your major.
  • Handwritten Affirmations
    Fun stickers to cheer on your fellow #MizzouMade grads
  • Food Stickers
    We share so many memories around food. These stickers showcase some beloved Mizzou staples: a slice of pizza, Tiger Stripe ice cream, and of course, a cup of coffee!
  • Emojis & Party Décor Stickers
    Deck out your social with these virtual party decorations.
  • Truman Cutouts
    Truman’s ready to make his debut on your photos.