Commencement: Frequently Asked Questions


Why are there two weekends for May 2021 commencement ceremonies?

To accommodate all the commencement participants, six guests per commencement participant, and maintain the guidelines set forth by Incident command for COVID, the ceremonies had to be spread out over two weekends.


Can graduates from May, August or December 2020 participate in the 2021 ceremonies?

There are separate ceremonies being planned for all 2020 graduates. These ceremonies will take place April 24-25. See the 2020 Graduates page for more information.


How will commencement participants receive the six tickets allotted for their guests?

Commencement participants will pick up tickets from The Mizzou Store. Details about ticket pick up are on the Tickets & Venue Information page.


Can commencement participants be allotted more tickets?

Incident Command approved each commencement participant to receive a total of six tickets. All ceremonies will be livestreamed so guests who are not able to attend in person may watch online.


Do tickets allow guests to sit anywhere in the venue?

Seats are assigned. All six tickets are in a pod (a group of six assigned seats.) All pods are social distanced by six feet. Each ticket will be printed with the date, time, location, name of ceremony, section, row, and seat number. Participants guests will sit in their assigned seats within the pod.


How will commencement participants living out of town receive their tickets?

All participants must pick up their tickets from The Mizzou Store. The Mizzou Store will open early on graduation weekends and be open one hour before the first ceremony each graduation day. Details about ticket pick up are on the Tickets & Venue Information page.


How will contract tracing be carried out, if needed?

Each commencement participant will keep track of who receives the tickets in their pod for contact tracing purposes.

For more information about the ceremony for a specific school or college, check with the Commencement liaison.


I’m graduating with honors. Am I eligible to participate in the Honors College Ceremony?

That depends. There are several ways to graduate with honors at Mizzou. Due to social distancing requirements and other safety measures, this year’s ceremonies will be structured a little differently. Students earning an Honors Certificate or University Honors in 2021, as awarded through the Honors College, will be invited to participate in the Honors College Ceremony. Students earning departmental or Latin honors will be recognized for their achievements at the ceremonies held by their academic units. You can learn more about these distinctions from the Honors College.

May, August and December 2020 graduates may participate in the campus-wide ceremonies being held April 24-25.


Will graduate and professional degree ceremonies include hooding of graduates?

To maintain social distancing, there will be no hooding ceremonies. Graduates may not approach the platform party to shake hands or otherwise receive congratulations. If there are materials for graduates to receive, they will pick up items from a table.


I am graduating this term and need to order announcements for my graduation. How do I do that?

Graduates may order standard or customized announcements online for their graduation ceremony from C.B. Announcements or by phone at 800-433-0296.


I do not have any Academic Regalia. Where do I go to obtain it?

The Mizzou Store can assist you with obtaining your academic regalia.  Visit them in the Student Center on the corner of Hitt and Rollins Streets or call 573-882-7611.


Where should my guests park for my ceremony?

Hearnes Center

Free parking is available in the Hearnes Center parking lot.   A majority of the parking is east of the Hearnes Center.  The recommended entrance is from Stadium Boulevard to Champions Drive.  There is also parking available on the west side of the Hearnes Center and at Memorial Stadium using the Mick Deaver entrance. More details are available on the Tickets & Venue Information page.

Mizzou Arena

Free parking is available in the Hearnes Center parking lots, and the lots to the south and east of Mizzou Arena.  From the south:  Providence Road to Mick Deaver Drive, left to Lot P (south of Mizzou Arena).  From the east:  Stadium Boulevard to Champions Drive.  From the north or west:  Providence Road to Mick Deaver Drive, left to Lot P (south of Mizzou Arena) or Stadium to Mick Deaver Drive, then east on Champions Drive.   The Stadium Boulevard/Champions Drive entrance one block east of Champions Drive is a good alternative.

More details are available on the Tickets & Venue Information page.

Visitors who encounter parking difficulties may call the MU Police Department at 882-7201.


What about accessibility access to and from the facilities for family and guests?

Hearnes Center
The east entrance is wheelchair accessible and most convenient for persons with disabilities to be dropped off and picked up.  The majority of handicapped designated parking spaces also are located on the east side, with a few spaces available on the west side.   Limited handicapped-designated seating is available.  The Hearnes Center elevator also is accessible from the east entrance.

Mizzou Arena
The north side of Mizzou Arena at the pullout on Champions Drive is wheelchair accessible and most convenient for persons with disabilities to be dropped off and picked up. There are handicapped designated parking spaces located in the parking lots. All of Lot I directly north of Mizzou Arena is reserved for handicapped parking. Mizzou Arena event staff will be available to direct you to the handicapped designated seating. The Mizzou Arena elevator to access the lower sections 106-104 and 106 is located on the southwest corner of the building.


Where can I rent a wheelchair for one of my guests?

Wheelchair rental is available from these local companies:


DW Auto

Kilgore’s Pharmacy
North Columbia
700 North Providence
South Columbia
1608 Chapel Hill Road

D&H Drugstore
1814 Paris Road
1001 West Broadway


What are the dates for future commencement ceremonies?

Dates for future semesters are posted on the Academic Calendar. Individual ceremonies are set approximately one year prior to commencement and will be announced on this site.


What about my Office 365 e-mail account? When will it expire?

For information about your email account, please contact Tech Support at 573-882-5000.