Honorary Degrees

Honorary Degrees

What’s an honorary degree?

The University of Missouri awards honorary doctorates to individuals of exceptional distinction who have provided meritorious and outstanding service to the University, the State of Missouri, the United States, or to humanity at large. Honorary doctorates are the highest form of recognition offered by the University of Missouri.

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2022 Recipients

  • Joe Dillard is one of the most accomplished and celebrated fisheries research biologists in the world.
  • Amy Heimberger is a neurosurgeon and clinical investigator. She is known for here work in developing treatments and vaccines against brain cancer.
  • John Rogers is a biomedical engineer. He is known for creating biocompatible devices that improve the health of vulnerable patients.
  • Debbye Turner Bell is a veterinarian and former Miss America Pageant winner. She is known for her work as a television journalist, including an 11-year stint for CBS News where she was “The Early Show’s” resident veterinarian.
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Past Recipients

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