Caps and Gowns

All faculty, graduates, advisors, mentors, etc. participating in any of the University of Missouri commencement ceremonies (including Honors) are required to be in academic regalia. (Individuals who staff the events may or may not be required depending upon the ceremony.)  Please contact the Mizzou Store for your academic regalia.

When ordering your regalia, be sure to indicate whether you are:

  • an undergraduate student
  • a master’s student
  • a doctoral student
  • a faculty member

Tassels and Cords

If you are an undergraduate, wear your tassel on the right side of your cap at the beginning of commencement. Move the tassel to the left side of your cap after you are pronounced graduated.

If you are a graduate or professional student, wear your tassel on the left side of your cap.

Some groups recognize their graduates with additional symbols like cords or stoles. These vary and are arranged by the organization.


There is no deadline to purchase in-stock regalia for bachelor, master, or doctoral students. However, you are advised to purchase regalia well in advance to ensure availability.

Faculty must order rental regalia at least four weeks before Commencement.

Faculty or Doctoral students ordering custom-made Fine Quality regalia must place orders at least eight weeks before Commencement.