Graduation Fee

Congratulations on your graduation!

  • Starting for the Spring 2022 semester, bachelor’s degree recipients will be assessed a $75 fee during the semester they earn a degree. The fee will appear on your first bill for the semester of graduation.
  • This fee allows Mizzou to provide administrative support necessary for graduation and commencement-related activities. Without it, these services could be disrupted or significantly reduced.
  • The amount is commensurate with that of peer institutions, including other University of Missouri campuses.
  • A late fee of an additional $25 will be assessed to Bachelor’s degree recipients who submit their application after the due date to apply for graduation (see the Academic Calendar for that date).
  • The fee(s) will be directly charged to the graduate’s student account.
  • Bachelor’s degree recipients will receive a diploma and an official transcript after graduation.
  • The fee(s) will be charged whether or not the graduate has completed the application for graduation or plans to participate in a Commencement ceremony.
  • Students who are eligible for the federal Pell Grant during the semester of their graduation will not be assessed this fee.
  • Graduate/professional degree recipients and those receiving certificates will not be charged this fee.
  • Students earning two Bachelor’s degrees in one semester will still only owe $75. Earning another Bachelor’s degree in another semester means the $75 will be assessed again.